8 April 2011 - Comic #393

This is the a comic from Tarrin's latest book SEXE, AMOUR et déconfiture (eng. "SEX, LOVE and failure"). It's basically about Tarrin's sex adventures and sex life anecdotes from his friends. So it's not exactly suited for children.
The order in which he posted the pages on his blog is different from the order in which they appear in the book. The above comic for example appears on page 19 in the book and is titled "Nathalie and her Pandora's Box".
When I'm done translating all the pages, I'll upload them all in a single folder again like I did for Tarrin's other two books. I haven't checked yet but I think he posted most of the pages on his blog minus some artwork between the chapters.

Original post: SEXE, AMOUR et RATATOUILLE (1)

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