21 February 2011 - Comic #383

Below is page 43 of the "A Lemur at Camp" book. I posted the first 35 pages of the book a short while ago. So here's a short summary of what happened on page 36 to 42:

After Daniel basically told them to steal from the other camp group, Hippo, Camel and the guy with the beak did exactly that - they stole everything they could find. Including a watch that Hippo gave to Alice (Maki's girlfriend). So the other group called the police. Meanwhile, Daniel and the rest of the group were doing the paraglide lottery Daniel talked about earlier. Being Maki's friend, he tried to rig the game in Maki's favour by drawing a paper slip out of the bag and proclaiming that it read "Maki". However, one of the girls standing behind him noticed the attempt and asked why he said "Maki" even though the name on the paper read "Hippo". Daniel replied he couldn't read it well because of the bad light and then went on to draw another one. That's where the page below starts.

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  1. Hi! First of all I wanted to thank you for your work on Tarrin's books, I love his work and it's really nice to be able to read them! :D
    Then I wanted to ask... I got a bit confused about this book: like, apparently the last strip you posted (where Maki and Alice meet up in secret) is the last one Tarrin posted on his blog but the book (un lemurien en colo) has more pages, up to 45? And are you going to translate page 4 and 45 aswell?
    Sorry for the bother but these strips got me really interested so I'm curious to see how they end XD

    1. Correct, the Lemur at Camp book has 45 pages in total but Tarrin only posted the first 35 on his blog. He told people that if they want to find out how the story ends, they should either buy the book or just read the last pages at the bookstore.
      So, since I don't have scans last 10 pages, I can't translate the rest unfortunately.
      (The page above is some random Lemur at Camp page he posted along with a few others from his other books to advertise his original drawings being part of an exhibition in Paris.)