2 February 2011 - Comic #378

This comic also appeared in Spirou magazine #3799.

Here's the thing: There actually is a book called "Les basiliques aujourd'hui". It was written in 1998 by a guy named Jean-Claude Tarrin(!!). Seems to be the only book this person's ever written. It's about basilicas in France and Italy.

Original post: Saint-Valentin 2


  1. Gosh I like where this is going...
    Do you think Alice was based on Lolita or did Tarrin also date the daughter of a celebrity as a teenager too?

    1. Tarrin said about 80% of Maki is fiction and about 20% is based on personal experience. (Like him hiding under his bed because he didn't want to go to camp. That really happened.) So Alice may just be a made-up character. Maybe she's a combination of Tarrin's past girlfriends.