1 October 2010 - Comic #349

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This comic was also published in Maki - Book 1 - Un lémurien en colo on page 12.

Yesterday, I mentioned that Daniel and Maki met in the first Maki story. Obviously, Maki is based on Tarrin himself and Daniel is based on Fred Neidhart. Now, I'm wondering how much of this story Maki/Tarrin being a kid at a summer camp with Daniel/Fred being a counselor there could be based on real life events. Real-life Neidhardt is five years older than Tarrin, so if Maki/Tarrin was 13 at the time this story takes place, Daniel/Fred would have been 18 and thus within the normal age range of a camp counselor.
Also on the back of the book, Daniel says: "Before reading this book, you need to know one thing... this story was inspired by true memories of a camp counselor!" And Maki adds: "And also by the true memories of a teenager... unfortunately..."

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