1 October 2010 - Comic #336

"The (usual) million dollar question:
Which cover do you prefer?"

"Parallel to the (100% autobiographical) blog, for the past two years the adventures of Maki, who looks a lot like the lemur from this blog but is a 13 to 14 year old auto-fictional character, have appeared on Spirou magazine. (Some parts are inspired by real events, but most are fiction...)
  Anyway, the point is that now I'm meeting two distinct audiences at signing sessions:
Those familiar with the blog and those who know only Maki in Spirou magazine.
 Dupuis and I would love to merge the two audiences
so we can afford to buy a villa in Spain.
  So, I'll start pre-publishing full pages of Maki.
  For those who don't want to buy the book but still would like to know how it ends,
I suggest you start reading here and finish at an Fnac bookstore
for free and sitting on the ground as is only proper. ;)

The book's release is scheduled for January 20."

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This comic was also published in Maki - Book 1 - Un lémurien en colo  on page 1.

A little warning: As Tarrin implied in this post, he didn't post the whole book but only the first 35 pages (out of 45).

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