5 May 2010 - Comic #318

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"Delcourt replied: There is no problem using the name Charlotte Gainsbourg
 on the cover, as long as the book contains no defamation or violates her privacy... (Yay, won!).
  However, according to information from his lawyer, it's not so simple, as there's always a risk.
  For example, Sophie Marceau sued Alain Souchon because sang about her breasts in one of his songs.
  Then there's the possibility to send a copy to Charlotte for her approval...
  But it's a little risky, because there are a lot of comics around the name "Gainsbourg".
  She might even reject it without reading pages (she's super busy),
  thinking it is an opportunistic book - while actually, it's only a passionate statement.

  And yet, I can publish the book like that.
  It'll be even more beautiful when it is printed, bound and distributed.
  In short, Guy Delcourt is brave and I sincerely thank him for
  not having had cold feet on this one."

This comic was also published in Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour  on page 5.

Original post: Charlotte Gainsbourg mon amour, enfin en BD !

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