19 November 2007 - Comic #172

"At this exact minute, the TarrinBlog is turning one! As punishment I give you a gag with the Duck! 100% TRUE! Also, did you notice? We dusted off the blog with cOrti (the Webmaster) :)"

This comic (without the anniversary panel) was published in Journal intime d'un Lémurien on page 106.

So I finally translated one year's worth of Tarrin comics. Hooray! I know it doesn't sound like much considering that the blog has been online for over five years. However, actually it is quite a lot. So far I've worked through 51 out of 135 pages of blog posts on Tarrin's blog. That's well over one third of the whole blog. So...we're getting there, friends. We're getting there.

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  1. Good job, thanks a lot for your hard work.

  2. Thanks. It's nice to see that someone appreciates my efforts. :)